Goats on the Roof 03/30/2015

Our visit to Goats on the Roof in March allowed us to finally ride the Goat Coaster, however we were there earlier in 2015 in January and it was still under construction. Here’s some pictures from both visits!

January 2015


Looking up the hill the track is all completed.


This is a Goat… well on the Roof 😛 eating out of his food. Also in the background you can see them working on the coaster.


Here’s a little bit wider look to see the goat is really on the roof!


However not all Goats are on the roof, some are on the ground outside as well.


This is where guests will be exiting the coaster and work was also being done here.


Goats are here but coaster is not open yet. Love how it goes over the entrance though very neat.


More work being done with a test cart.


Goat Coaster coming soon!


Look John’s a goat on the roof. 😛


More work on the coaster being done. We’ll be back!

March 2015


We’re back at Goats on the Roof! See the bicycle in the middle there, that’s one of the neat ways that guests can feed the goats on the roof. They buy food, then put it in the cup, and then pedal on the bike and it will carry the food to the roof for the goats up there.


Pricing information for the Coaster at Goats on the Roof!


Who’s ready?


Our cart is waiting for us.


After getting buckled in we’re off.


As with any other alpine coaster it’s a long climb to the top.


The coaster has some good speed but…

....there's brakes at just about every turn.

….there’s brakes at just about every turn.

Still fun though!

Still fun though!

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof is a fun ride though it’s not the best alpine coaster in the area. It has some great speed but there are brakes at almost every turn which kills some of the momentum, however it’s still a fun attraction in Pigeon Forge. The goats are fun to visit and neat to see the wacky contraptions to get food to the ones of the roof, plus there’s a random gift shop with tons of wacky items. If you have some free time in Pigeon Forge this is a fun place to visit. As for the alpine coasters in the area I’d rank them like this:

1. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

2. The Coaster at Goats on the Roof

3. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster


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